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The Purpose of our Lives

We will never find it in ourselves. We would not understand it had God not told revealed himself to us.

When we say that God is love, we are not just describing an extrinsic quality in God, as if God could at times love and at times be selfish. It is of the essence of God to love. It is out of this self giving in abundance that the Father begets the Son and out of both the Holy Spirit proceeds. The divine persons would not have consistency if God by essence was not love.

However, since God's love is also a free act, he has desired to extend this inner love to others creatures. It is as if a happy family wanted to adopt other children who could enjoy the joy that exists in the family members. Yet, the only way in which these new members of God's family could truly participate would be by freely embracing love. Such was the purpose of our creating and such is the Glory of God.

From this point of view we can understand that this world is the arena where we learn how to love. And we learn this by doing it as God entrusts other human beings to us. As in every learning process, failure is a possibility. It is a sad reality in our case. Yet, he has also provided to the suffering that this failure would produce...Personal ReflectionHow would I define the purpose of my life?Being successful?Having a beautiful family?Enjoying a specific aspect of life?

Personal Reflection

How would I define the purpose of my life?

  • Being successful?

  • Having a beautiful family?

  • Enjoying a specific aspect of life?

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